Global Growth & Innovation

Our flagship GIF Fund is a global, actively managed high growth fund; The fund invests in companies that have a structural long term earnings growth outlook. The fund applies a Top-down approach to identify key mega structural trends and implements a Bottom-up approach to identify companies that are best in class with sustainable technological advantage or innovation edge. The process involves understanding the key technologies, innovations and mega trends that create long term structural tail winds.

The fund invests in companies that are1) niche innovative disruptors that operate in massive industries with high growth trajectories and long timelines (healthcare and healthtech is an obvious example), and 2) innovative aggregators: companies that harness convergent industries and technologies to create powerful self-reinforcing platforms for growth and expansion. For example, companies that incorporate big data, cybersecurity, networking, cloud storage, SaaS and AI.

Effectus Global growth and innovation fund together with the S.A growth and innovation funds are available through segregated mandates and on Easy Equities bundles.